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In his speech was present belief that we should get used to the frequent changes in the lives of the competition. With this conviction later he disputed prof. Stanislaw M. Kwiatkowski from the Academy of Special Education in Warsaw, which claims that good competition will probably not change, but often we will probably change in the life of class. Dr. Miroslaw Filiciak from the Warsaw School of Social Psychology in Warsaw noted that talking about education should pay more attention to the Internet. He noted that the rule is St. Matthew (wise will be added, and stupid received), and that the development of education website does not contribute to equal educational opportunities. And that digital natives in schools somehow can not see, as evidenced by many recent studies. Digital competence youth remain at an average level and in the context of digitization of processes of social and economic life can be a problem. We should put the educational debate many questions, and then look for the answers. For example, if the creativity is the most important for the modern student. Miroslaw Sielatycki from the Office of Education M. St. Warsaw again drew attention to the problems of equality in schools. Polish school is so far egalitarian and should remain so. Meanwhile, much is being done to create elite schools, which accumulates very good students and outstanding. On such a division will lose his opinion, students generally, because you will not have the weaker of whom draw patterns.